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Bee Luon's Guitar Site

Hello ! Welcome to my websites . Here you can get lot's & lot's of guitar tab and chords on your favorite Chinese and English songs


Ladies and gentleman, you've come to a place where you might get nothing after browsing for hours. To save your precious time and energy, and also to prevent you from cursing me, I'm going to give a brief summary about this site.

As you can see, this webpage was design by me to dedicate it to my two best friend Lim Wei Kiang and Hia Hong Aik :-) . Everything in this webpage are all about our experience on guitar and what we have learn and share.By the way i would like to thanks a friend of mine Chan Yee Hui who help me a lot in building this webpage.

On my webpage there are also some GP4 file guitar tabs for downloads.But wait!!!!!There are more good news because there is also GP4 software for downloads.

Anyway thanks for visiting B.L.Koay's Lair

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